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Rebecca Densen 9/21/10 A Number Questions: How did they get the actor playing all three sons to look a different age so quickly in between scenes? How in god’s name did Caryl Churchill think of such a messed up idea for a play? The greatest source of love in Salter’s life comes from his son Bernard (b2) and the love he once had from his wife. After his wives death was when Bernard (b1) began to “act up” and to aggravate Salter. Even so, he could not let go completely, so he found a way to get a new son. He could have gone about this in many ways, however, since he thought Bernard (b1) was the perfect looking baby he cloned him. He said, “You were the most beautiful baby…” (1617 line 137). The reason he cloned him and found him so beautiful was because he couldn’t let go of his wife and this clone had the same genetics
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Unformatted text preview: as her. Because this new son, Bernard (b2) showed love towards Salter he continued to not be able to let go. The love he received from Bernard (b2) and his wife drove him to seek out Bernard (b1), after Bernard’s (b2) death; despite the hatred Salter knew he had for him. After this Bernard’s suicide he yet again could not let go which is why he seeked out Michael and hoped to find similarities to either Bernard. This is why Salter asks about dogs, he simply asks “Dogs?” (1627 line 109) while talking about Michael. He seeks to hold onto Bernard and in turn to hold on to his wife. This great source of love Salter had from Bernard (b2) and his wife, made it so he could not let go despite the deaths throughout the play....
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