marx notes - MARX AND MARXISM January 18th, 2011 Always...

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MARX AND MARXISM January 18 th , 2011 Always bring the text to class Class participation is 10%, but attendance is always required This class is basically only about MARX “I think Marx needs to be though philosophically” “Philosophical anthropology” – minor areas of philosophy – concerned with different ways of thinking about the empirical matter of human nature Marx’s theory of human nature is positive – we are naturally cooperative and inter- dependent for our own well being or flourishing We form associations with others as an expression of our inter-dependent human nature – back to Plato and Aristotle – human being by nature need one another for their existence, their survival, and their flourishing or well being Marx’s theory is centered around his conception of human nature that is based on some German philosopher’s conception of species One must first understand that bottom layer of empirical or given facts about what kinds of creatures we are, before we are socialized and acculturated, before we introduce the variable of culture – different variables, concepts, values, institutions – all of which are man made, and all of which are dramatically evident throughout history “A certain number of students in the fall had difficulty understanding Marx’s very elaborate prose” NEWJERSEY BOOKS has both books allegedly – Easton Avenue “This course is a survey course introducing Marx and Marxism” FIVE PAGES OF INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE PAPER, single space, following instructions is the entire thing You need to demonstrate that you’ve read every reading IN THE PAPER blarg. “Passive learning is never better than active learning” he likes questions FIRST PAPER IS DUE MARCH 22 ND PAPER FORMAT You have to first explain Marx’s view Pick some claim or statement or assertion of Marx’s, with Colby’s approval, and you explain his view – three or four pages – if you don’t understand Marx’s view, then your evaluation would be worthless After you discuss Marx’s view, evaluate it and determine whether he is right or not. Students find it easier to write papers that disagree One must give good reasons for whatever stance you take in your paper The course is not chronological; it moves from simpler to more complex ideas as Marx matured The Marx of Capital abandons the idea of alienation, which is so prominent with 1844 manuscripts and German ideology; Marx abandons alienation and with it his philosophical anthropology with his critique of capitalism; CAPITAL, but I think it is correct to say that this dispute is no longer a major one, because both scholars both
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Marxist and anti-Marxist agree that there is no such rupture or discontinuity; that the later Marx of capital has no abandoned his views about human nature and alienation, and I agree with that, AND YOU WILL TOO. Tell him if you disagree with him about if CAPITAL makes more sense or as much sense
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marx notes - MARX AND MARXISM January 18th, 2011 Always...

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