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It was interesting to learn about those that reject Christ and his atonement because I know my roommates have been talking to each other about it and wondering about this issue. It was interesting to see how Christ's atonement comes into effect where if people reject it, they have to suffer in their sins in spirit prison until they repent and praise the Lord and see how great his atonement was. Also, I think it is pretty fair and makes sense that they would only be able to reach the Terrestial and Telestial kingdoms and not the Celestial after their repentance because I know many people think, “Oh, it doesn't matter what I do because in the end I will be forgiven and I can still go to the Lord's kingdom.” And this is true in a sense because all three are, but you just can't go to the Celestial one. The part about suffering for our sins if we don’t accept the atonement also leads
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Unformatted text preview: to me remember what we said in class about how you don’t understand his atonement, his grace and mercy until we understand and see what predicament we would’ve been in. It seems these people needed to see how great the pain Christ suffered for them before they learn how great he and the atonement really is. I also thought it was interesting when we talked about what Isaiah is to Nephi and how it is the same as what Joseph Smith is to us. It made everything seem more real to me, I guess that’s the point of it. It kind of relates to when Brother Whitman talked about three witnesses it made me think about the three witnesses for the Book of Mormon as well. It just shows yet another thing that is kept consistent in the Lord’s works; another thing showing how true this church is. Everything just makes sense and fits so well you can’t deny it. (326)...
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