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Art History Notes 10/6/11 Chapil- A women's shoe from Spain looks like a block Moore- Juan of Portugal and Catherine ** Avis is the family branch in Portugal like the Hapsburgs He is interested in making Lisbon Catherine was raised by Juana la Loca Damusk- Design in silk Gloves are in her hand meaning its an intimate portrait meant for family Alonzo- Portrait of Catherine covers it for less than a minute Princess Maria of Portgual- Mother of Philip I's first son Dress is a coral pink Wears a great deal of jewerly Cavoehen Ruby Huge pearls in her ears The hapsburg eagle with a ruby in the shape of a heart This is likely a wedding portrait because she has flowers in her hair Wedding Portrait of Maria This was her wedding picture done by Anthonus Moore Double marriage of Juan III Prince of Brazil who is Catherine's son he dies young Philip II's younger sister was his wife Juana George Vanderstrada (Lord of the street)
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Unformatted text preview: – uses a lot of red in his paintings – Becomes a favorite of Juana – She has a son Sebastian – He dies in North Africa as a result Philip II becomes King of Spain and King of Portugal Anthonus Moore – Sebastian wears a lot of silk his outfit is indicative of where he's from – Wears a heavy fabric overcoat – A Portugese tunic – Luso-Oriental- Luso-Africaan, this – Brazilians are not Latin American they are Luso American f Pricess Juana of Austria with an African child- Alonzo Sanchez – Very important work – Could have acted as regent to Philip II – Gesture of affection by having her hand on the boys headlightsThey were raised almost like relatives of the family – Juana dies young Titian- Italian aristocrat and a Page-An African paid in this case children Manuel I marries Charles' sister- Luso Oriental style...
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