20th century political thought 10:17

20th century political thought 10:17 - We are both rational...

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We are both rational and irrational a creature fueled by desires We have two sides, the rational or higher self The irrational lower self which gives into desires We aspire to the higher self Control of that person through a force on the outside Two sides of people Positive freedom's coneption of self 132 “Presently the two selves may be represented as divided by an even larger gap: the real self may be conceived as something wider than the individual (as the term is normally understood), as a social whole of which the individual is an element or aspect: a tribe, a race, a church, a state, the great society of the living and the dead and the yet unborn. This entity is then identified as being the true self which , by imposing its collective, or organinc, single will upon its recalcitrant members, achieves its own, and therefore their higher freedom.” Self amstery autonomy self-direction Truth Domination Powerful Justified through rationality and truth They have the answers so you must commit yourself to it Looking at different systems of thought if you think of freedom or liberty as “do as I wish” Why is this? Why is it not enough? Self abdication is this process in which we constrain our desires, we don't really want that. To be released from our own desires If you've got the truth you can harm others in the belief that that is the right way If you know more you are more free The Temple of Sarastro- The Rule of the best/wisest
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20th century political thought 10:17 - We are both rational...

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