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Ongoing J Studying the actions of Pope Pius XII during WWII, he was a controversial historical figure in the face of Hitler's Nazi regime it has been claimed that he saved 700,000- 840,000 Jews during the war, even housing some in the Vatican, he also made it clear to Catholic's around Europe that they should aid hiding Jews. I've been learning about Adolf Eichmann and his role in the holocaust as a conductor for all operations transporting the Jews to death camps. Reading Ardent's work on his actual role in the holocaust in regards to the overall nature of his crimes and to whether or not he was just following orders from
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Unformatted text preview: Hitler. Its a very interesting look at human nature, when do we know to question authority for what we feel is right. And what is right? Eichmann seemed wholly convinced that the jews were in fact enemies of the state. He is quoted saying I will die laughing knowing that I have rid the world of 5 million enemies of the Reich. Classes are going well, other than Social Psychology which plagues me, I have a 65 as of right now. There's an extra credit assignment due November 30 th for 5 points towards the overall grade. I just hope to pull out a C from this class....
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