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zodiaque crit, 2 - Rebecca Densen Ballet 214 Karen Georger...

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Rebecca Densen Ballet 214 3/9/11 Karen Georger Zodiaque Critique
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Rebecca Densen, Zodiaque Critique I went to see the Zodiaque Dance Company’s spring concert in the CFA Drama Theatre, on Friday, February, 18 2011. I really enjoyed the show. The fall performance I had not enjoyed that much, so I was pleasantly surprised by this performance. I thought most of the pieces were beautifully done and that the dancers were totally on their game. Several pieces really stuck in my mind in a good way, like “Couples” and “Candid Limelight.” Unfortunately there was one piece that I did not enjoy as much and it was the only piece that left me feeling slightly awkward, that piece was “A Bit of Love.” The cast, technical crew, choreographers and the rest of the staff really pulled together and put together a pretty good evening. The piece “Couples,” choreographed by Karen Georger, was beautiful, creative and cute. It started off in silence, with the couples each having their own part. The lighting for this part was a square shaped spotlight over each couple as they danced. The movement was gentile and beautiful, there were several balances and slow graceful movements. It was romantic and sparked my interest. I felt the part was long but still I
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