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Rebecca Densen Section B5 February 11, 2011 “Benjamin Franklin: A American in London” by Esmond Wright, History Today , March 2000 “The English Man We Never Knew” In this article Esmond Wright shows the accomplishments of Benjamin Franklin. He shows Ben Franklin’s personal connections, discoveries, and influence and beliefs on the American Revolution. Wright describes Franklin’s relationship with his son, William, a loyalist and a Royal Governor. He also describes his want for a western colony, and the reason for Britain’s hesitation. The article uncovers the history of Franklin’s influences behind the scenes of the American Revolution. It shows how Franklin secured an alliance with France in the midst of war. This helped secure the colonies in case of the inevitable British attacks. Wright clearly shows the life of Benjamin Franklin much of which unknown to many people. In the article Wright makes a point to mention Franklin’s whereabouts in France during the war. Franklin went to Paris with a treaty of alliance drawn up by John Adams called The Treaty of Alliance with France. Both the United States and France signed it on February 6, 1778. This created a military alliance between the two ensuring American success. Franklin negotiated this treaty; it stated that both countries should not have peace with Great Britain. It also stated that in any future peace agreement American independence must be a condition ("Library of Congress"). Without this treaty American independence would have been possible however, it would have been much more difficult and may not have ended the same way. I am glad Wright included this I was aware of a treaty with France during this time which also secured them for years to come, however, I had never known that Benjamin Franklin was the one there
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negotiating. I had always wondered where those founding fathers that weren’t generals or military men were doing during the war. Another major point Wright makes in this article is the sort of warnings Benjamin Franklin had given to Britain to change their ways and the belief of why the connection between Britain and America should stay strong. Benjamin Franklin had written something in The London Chronicle in 1759 on the behalf of the colonists. He wrote how the free white man in England had far more liberties than any colonist. He stated how due to the lost of respect and the gained jealousy British Delegates in America may begin to abuse the colonists. They could abuse
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ben franklin - Rebecca Densen Section B5 Benjamin Franklin...

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