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indian tranding company - Rebecca Densen Section B7 March...

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Rebecca Densen Section B7 March 4, 2011 “400 Years of the East India Company” By Huw V. Bowen, History Today , July 2000 “East India Company and Britain Intertwined” The East India Company, had a large impact over the history of various different countries especially Britain. The East India Company affected British economy, domestic life and culture. The company also affected the future for trade in India and the rest of the British territories. The company for years was the leader in trade and commerce. It even had gotten to the point where the British nation’s financial state was seen to be in the hands of the company. The company seemed to be the best trading company in the world until its downfall began, then the company seemed to have been put on trial for various different corruptions. It was then questioned how great the company really was, and whether or not it was powerful or destructive. The East India Company was one to biggest most powerful trading company out there. Still to date no company compares to it in it’s constancy over time, economics, politics, and cultural influence. The company established an amazingly large empire and figured out a way to control it, and govern it from London. The company was seen to have been one of the biggest influences over the British’s economy and territorial expansion. Many major points made by Bowen have to do with the company’s ties with Britain. The company’s ties were strong and effected they’re economics, they’re domestic life, they’re imperialism and they’re culture. Domestically the company had a major impact on their business, commercial, cultural, and political life. One of the largest connections the company had to Britain was economically. The company employed several thousand citizens as laborers, warehousemen, and clerks. For most of the 18 th century the East India Company stock was seen
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as the best investment available. Leading into the early 19 th century where several thousand citizens chose to invest in the company. Bowen makes a point to state out the money loaned to
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indian tranding company - Rebecca Densen Section B7 March...

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