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Rebecca Densen Beginning Modern Dance 201 Critique on Parsons Dance Company Rebecca Densen I saw Parsons Dance on Friday October 15 2010, in the Main Stage of the Buffalo Center for the Arts. The performance was exceptional; there was no one piece that was the same. The first piece to really catch my eye was the Hand Dance, which was choreographed by David Parsons in 2003. The theme of this dance was the shapes and motions one can make with their hands. The movement in this piece was strictly movement of the arms and hands, all of which was to change the shapes and accents of the hands. The dancers had a lot of very sharp fast movements, with waves and slowed down movements in between. The fast movement at first was very cool and made me not know where to look, however, the slowed down waved motion is what really made me enjoy the piece. It was mainly when the dancers interlocked their hands
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together to create the illusion of a wave. The long waves were of the most interest to me. The slowing down of the movements and the elongations of them was a much-needed break to the eye, and gave the dance more dynamics. Due to the angle of the stage that was visible from our seat, the faster motions were more distracting and the slowed movements were easier to handle. Although the dancers were unable to use the width of the space they managed to use highs of the
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david parsons - Rebecca Densen Beginning Modern Dance 201...

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