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paul taylor 2 - Rebecca Densen Modern 202 Paul Taylor 2...

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Rebecca Densen Modern 202 Paul Taylor 2 Critique
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Rebecca Densen I went to see The Paul Taylor 2 Dance Company on Thursday March 10, 2011. The show was put on in the University at Buffalo Center for the Arts’, Main Stage. The company did an alright job, however, I had high expectations that were not met. There were two members of the cast that I felt were not up to par. It became more and more clear as the show continued. The company performed “Company B”, “Runes”, and “Esplanade”. They were all very different from each other. The dancers may not have impressed me, however the versatility in Paul Taylor’s choreography did. “Company B”, was a piece based around the Andrew’s Sister’s music. The costumes were fitting. The costumes, the music, and the dancing all had a World War II era feeling to it. The men’s movements suggested they were in the army at times. It consisted of 9 different dance numbers with 9 different songs. The music was upbeat, happy and fun. I liked a few of the numbers. I enjoyed the way Paul Taylor started the piece with slow walking to build up anticipation. One of the dances I enjoyed was “Oh Johnny, Oh Johnny, Oh.” Justin Kahan and the girls performed the dance. Kahan, played the nerdy boy that all the girls wanted. He played the character well. The movement was upbeat. Another piece I thought was cute was “Rum and Coca-Cola,” performed by the boys and Alana Allende. She was great, she was seductive and upbeat. Her movements were slinking and sexy. Allende had beautiful feet. Her movements were clean and precise. I didn’t even watch the men in the piece, she was mesmerizing. The only thing
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paul taylor 2 - Rebecca Densen Modern 202 Paul Taylor 2...

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