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tech theater project - Rebecca Densen Intro to Technical...

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Rebecca Densen Intro to Technical Theatre Project 4 ESTA - Entertainment Services and Technology Association ESTA is a non-profit organization, dedicated to building the business of show business. They create charitable programs for the entertainment technology industry. They try to fill the need for educated and train entertainment technicians, develop public and governmental awareness of the entertainment technology career path, as well as assisting industry professionals when they are in a time of need. They work to build to educate technicians and build awareness about the profession. USITT -United States Institute for Theatre Technology USITT’s mission is to connect performing arts design and technology communities to ensure a vibrant dialog among practitioners, educators, and students. They will promote the best of design and technology through exhibitions; they actively promote and support research and development that creates the theatre of the future, they will be the documentary body for the history of design, management, and technology in the performing arts and entertainment industry; they will distribute information about the history of the field and aesthetic and technological developments through conferences, and tours; they will advocate for safe, efficient and ethical practices; they try to provide services and to insure that interests of members are represented regionally, nationally, and internationally. ETCP -Entertainment Technician Certification Program ETCP is an industry-wide program that has brought together a group of industry organizations, businesses and individuals to create a program of rigorous assessments for professional technicians. They focus on disciplines that directly affect the health and safety of crews, performers and audiences. ETCP educates individuals and tests them through exams based upon identified bodies of knowledge and awards certification to those who pass. It is run through PLASA which was originally developed by ESTA. Many other organizations in the industry maintain seats on the ETCP council, and help give membership to various individuals in the field.
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LDI -Live Design International/Institute LDI is the industry’s only multi-format franchise that reaches key decision makers in
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tech theater project - Rebecca Densen Intro to Technical...

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