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Rebecca Densen Technical Theatre Project 3 I read “ USITT Launches Secondary School Rigging Safety Initiative ” and “ Olvera Gajic: Young And Masterful .” I read the article “ USITT Launches Secondary School Rigging Safety Initiative ,” from the Live Design Magazine website. It was posted on March 21, 2011. The article discusses the new program initiated by USITT, the United States Institute for Technical Theatre Technology, with the goal is to improve safety nationwide. The program was proposed by J.R. Clancy Inc. president Mike Murphy and CEO Bob Thesis to USITT president Joe Aidridge in fall of 2010. The program provides free or reduced cost rigging inspections for secondary schools. Schools were able to start applying online on April 1 st . Schools that apply will receive inspections from an approved rigging contractor. The contractors will ETCP certified, and employed by firms who are USITT members. After the inspection easy to read reports with pictures and graphs will be given to the school and to
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Unformatted text preview: USITT. Schools will also be provided with a four-hour safety-training course for up to 8 employees and students. This will happen at the school by the contractor. This is designed to provide knowledge of any potential risks and the ways to reduce that risk. The program will be funded with the initial gift of $25,000 provided by the J.R. Clancy Inc., who is the founding sponsor of the program, which should provide the program with a strong continuing base. USITT board of directors authorized a $25,000 matching grant for the program. This program seems very beneficial and will with any luck continue for many years, with the hope of accomplishing USITT’s goal of never having to say no to a school in order to improve safety nationwide. Sources:
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