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lai interview 1 - Rebecca Densen Intro to Education...

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Rebecca Densen Intro to Education Interview with School Psychologist Rachel Raphael 9/20/11 Q. What does your average workday consist of? A. The job use to be more proactive in preventative type things but since the economy went south. Now doing more traditional processing of referrals with special education children, monitoring special education children, at risk children, and behavior/ academically challenged children. Q. About how many students do you see each day for sessions? A. When observing in the classroom it differs from school to school. Works at 3 different schools. Its more of a consultation. Formally she sees about 20 students per year. Q. What ages are the students that usually come to see you? A. She usually sees ages K-8. The older students usually come in more than the younger. Also, the new students come in for evaluation. Q. Does one gender come more than the other? A. In middle school she sees the boys more than the girls. She co treats with counselors, usually for children with specific academic concerns like ADHD. Q. Is there one age group that you find easier to work with than others? A. She loves all ages they are all different. In high school the students are more motivated, middle school students are the hardest because they are not motivated and elementary
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This note was uploaded on 10/25/2011 for the course LAI 350 taught by Professor Ginsburg during the Spring '08 term at SUNY Buffalo.

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lai interview 1 - Rebecca Densen Intro to Education...

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