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lai observation 2 - Rebecca Densen Intro to Education...

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Rebecca Densen Intro to Education 1 st grade classroom Teaching Styles Yes, the teacher was very engaging. She was calm and loving, she praised good behavior, which made the children want to pay attention and want to really try hard. Also by doing lessons that were hands on and fun, which made them, want to pay attention more. The classroom was interactive. They didn’t even have room on the black board to do a stand and deliver approach instead she had common words on the board to help them with writing. She goes up to students and helps him or her and lets them all get a chance to experience each experiment. They used various different teaching methods. She used a book for science while adjusting it to fit her lessons. Ms. Mackowiak had the students write in their journals independently and had them do experiments as a group and interact with each other and with the teachers. There is no difference in the learners they all have to do the same assignments. However, there was an extra help to special needs children. She would do this by going up to them and personally helping, but she never took help away from those who might not need as much help. The students were definitely engaged in everything. They seemed that they wanted to pay attention, for the teacher and be good for her. They were engaged in the lesson and in the teacher herself. They were so interested in the experiments and were so into their journal articles. Classroom Management
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lai observation 2 - Rebecca Densen Intro to Education...

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