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Econ 311 Midterm Review Wallis Spring 2011 The final exam will be cumulative, in the sense that issues we have talked about so far this semester will be covered on the exam. Topics you should be familiar with include: - The effects of the Civil War - The growth of population, and its components, from 1860 to 1910 - The development of agriculture, 1860 to 1910 - Developments in transportation and finance, 1860 to 1910 - Developments in manufacturing, 1860 to 1910 You should be familiar with the decline in the overall rate of population growth. Why did the rate of immigration stay the same? Did the source of the migrants change? Why? Were push or pull factors more important? Why did fertility rates decline? Did the Civil War promote industrialization? Was the war costly? What happened to the south after the war? If you compare pre- and post-war periods, did average farm size in the south go up or down? Did average farm size in the north go up or down? Why? What happened to farm prices between
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