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Game Theory (econ 414) Problem Set 4: Repeated Games Relevant reading: Harrington chapters 13, 14 and lectures 19, 20, 21. Due date: April 26 th Instructions ( read these carefully before starting ): page. DO NOT use the question sheet to answer your questions. Use a di/erent side page for each question and if there is a simple answer to the question then write it clearly at the very start of every question (e.g. circle or highlight it). Make sure you then show all your work to get full credit. You can discuss the questions with your classmates but you must write and hand in your own answers. Types of questions and grading
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Unformatted text preview: & There are two sets of questions: graded and suggested. Try all exercises but turn in only the ones for grading. & I will select one question at random and grade it out of 10 points. If you have made a good e/ort at answering the remaining (graded) questions you will receive an additional 10 points. Questions (graded) 1. Harrington, chapter 13, question 2 (page 412) 2. Harrington, chapter 13, question 5 (page 413) 3. Harrington, chapter 13, question 6 (page 414) 4. Harrington, chapter 14, question 4 (page 446) 5. Harrington, chapter 14, question 5 (page 447) 6. Harrington, chapter 14, question 10 (page 450) 1 Solutions q2, ch 13: 10 points 2...
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ps4econ414 - & There are two sets of questions:...

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