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PSS Quiz Woody Plants - PSS Woody Plants Agarita • ...

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Unformatted text preview: PSS Woody Plants Agarita •  Berberis trifoliata Bradford Pear •  Pyrus calleryana ‘Bradford’ Bu9erfly Bush •  Buddelia davidii Canaert Juniper •  Juniperus virginiana [email protected] Cenizo •  Leucophyllum frutescens Chinese Holly •  Ilex cornuta Crape Myrtle •  Lagerstroemia indica Desert Willow •  Chilopsis linearis Elaeagnus •  Elaeagnus pungens English Ivy •  Hedera helix Japanese Black Pine •  Pinus thunbergii Magnolia •  Magnolia grandiflora Red Tip [email protected] •  [email protected] x fraseri Rockspray Cotoneaster •  Cotoneaster horizontalis Rose •  Rosa spp. Scarlet Firethorn •  Pyracantha coccinea Tam Juniper •  Juniperus sabina ‘ Tamariscifolia’ Yaupon Holly •  Ilex vomitoria Texas Mountain Laurel •  Sophora secundiflora Rosemary •  Rosamarius officinalis ...
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