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Unformatted text preview: PSS Plant Test Ice Plant •  Delosperma cooperii Lantana •  Lantana camara Iris •  Iris spp Canna •  Canna x generalis Dusty Miller •  Senecio cineraria Purple Heart Vine •  Setcreasea purpurea Lamb’s Ear •  Stachys byzanAna Geranium •  Pelargonium x hortorum Globe Amaranth •  Gomphrena globsa Coleus •  Solenostemon scutellarioides Rusian Sage •  Pervoskia atriplicfolia Red Yucca •  Hesperaloe parviflora Pansy •  Viola wiLrockiana Festuca •  Festuca glauca ‘Elijah’s Blue’ Flowering Kale •  Brassica olearcea Ornamental Pepper •  Capsicum annuum Mexican Bush Sage •  Saliva tecleucantha Pesto Perpetuo’ Basil •  Ocimum x citriodorum ‘Pesto Perpetuo’ Lemon Variegated Thyme •  Thymus citriodorus variegate Bermudagrass •  Cynodon dactylon ...
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