Organic Chemistry Lab # 5

Organic Chemistry Lab # 5 - Alexandria Jones Lab Partner :...

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Alexandria Jones Lab Partner : Valerea Chemistry 3105 – 592 TA : Divya TITLE: Thin Layer Chromatography and Infrared Spectroscopy PURPOSE: To learn how to perform thin-layer chromatography (TLC), to apply it for the analysis of different organic compounds and to calculate the Rf value of these compounds. You will use TLC to identify the composition of mixture. You will also learn the operation of the infrared spectrometer and apply infrared (IR) spectroscopy as a tool to identify different organic functional groups. REACTION & PHYSICAL PROPERTIES TABLE: Components PROCEDURE : Thin Layer Chromotography (TLC) Procedure: 1. Take a small amount of each chemical (benzyl alcohol, benzaldehyde and benzoic acid) separately into 3 different shell vials and dissolve them with a couple drops of dichloromethane. 2. Follow the procedure that is described on pages 97-99 for TLC development, observe the TLC result under UV light and perform the Rf calculation. 3. For unknown mixture: In the bottles labeled 1,2 and 3 are mixtures of any two of these three compounds (benzyl alcohol, benzaldehyde and benzoic acid) dissolved in dichloromethane. 4. Prepare and run a TLC with a sample from each bottle. 5. Observe the results under UV light, and try to figure out what chemicals are present in each bottle. 6. Report your results in the lab report.
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Infrared Spectroscopy Procedure: 1. Run an IR spectrum for one of the 3 pure compounds with your partner to learn the operation fo the spectrometer. 2.
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Organic Chemistry Lab # 5 - Alexandria Jones Lab Partner :...

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