NS Fall 2011-Research Assignment (REVISED)

NS Fall 2011-Research Assignment (REVISED) - Assignment...

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Assignment 1-DUE DATE October 5 TH at the START of Class- WRITTEN Determining Credible Resource Your question must be approved by the instructor. Answer the following questions in reference to the resource you used. For each question you must explain your answer. An answer of only yes or no will be considered incorrect. State your question and reference your source in proper APA 6 th Edition format (view website link for assistance) ( http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/06/ ) (10 points) Make sure it is a credible source (peer-review or refereed journals). Using a journal other than a peer-reviewed or refereed journal will result in a zero for the assignment. Report must be typed, printed, and turned into the instructor to be considered acceptable. Failure to do this will result in a zero for this assignment. Utilize grammar and spelling checks on your computer (minus 1 point per grammar mistake) To analyze your research article answer the following questions. 1. Type of research design (example: randomized prospective double blinded) (8 points) 2. Number of subjects (total and in each group) (5 points) 3. Experimental test (what the subjects were given and what control group was given)
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NS Fall 2011-Research Assignment (REVISED) - Assignment...

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