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Running head: LIVE ORGAN DONATION 1 Live Organ Donation Renee Martindale Kaplan University HU280-Bioethics Isabel Morales, M.A. October 11, 2011
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LIVE ORGAN DONATION 2 Live Organ Donation Every year thousands of ordinary people save the lives of someone in need. Ordinary citizens do extraordinary acts by rushing to the scene of a car accident, running into a burning building to save a child, or diving into a river to help a less than experienced swimmer. There is also a less well-known act of heroism that is equally heroic, and that is the decision to become a living organ donor. Living organ donors are the silent heroes whose generosity goes virtually un- noticed as a heroic act of kindness. Yet with the rising need for organs, many patients lose the battle with their disease because there are not enough organs and there are not enough people who are educated about living organ donation. Transplant patients wait months or years for an organ; Paid living organ donation in the United States could help tremendously with the lack of organs. Friedman states, "If payment or reward for living donors can be made legitimate and
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RMartindale-Organ donation-bioethics - Running head LIVE...

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