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BIOLOGY 1001 General Biology Fall, 2011 Section 3 M, W and F 12:40 – 1:30 Dodson Auditorium Section 3 T and Th 3:10 – 4:30 Coates 143 INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Steven Pomarico OFFICE: 15 Life Sciences Building PHONE: 578-8785 E-mail: [email protected] OFFICE HOURS: 9:30 – 11:00 Tues. and Thur. - Other times by appointment. REQUIRED MATERIALS TEXT: Audesirk, Audesirk and Byers , Biology: Life on Earth with Physiology , 9th ed ONLINE CONTENT: MasteringBiology STUDENT RESPONSE SYSYEM: Clicker Biological Sciences 1001 is a General Education Course. Biological Sciences 1001 classes are designed to address several General Education Outcomes including an appreciation of the methods of critical inquiry and a comprehension of how knowledge is acquired and applied. COURSE PURPOSE: This course is designed for nonscience majors and is not for degree credit for a student majoring in a biological science. The general concepts which are covered in this course include the chemistry of life, metabolism, genetics, evolution and ecology. ASSESSMENTS: Your performance in class will be assessed in four ways: in-class events (quizzes/activities); on-line quizzes via Moodle; on-line homework via the Mastering Biology website and exams. IN-CLASS EVENTS: The purpose of the in-class events (quizzes/activities) is to help students apply the information and understand the concepts associated with the course. The in-class quizzes will be given using a student response system where questions will be answered with an electronic keypad (clicker) during class. A “clicker” can be purchased at the Union Bookstore. Instructions for registering a clicker are on the class Moodle site. More information about the keypads is available on the SRS website at ( ). In-class activities will cover a range of active learning events, including group work. Beginning September 1st participation in the in-class events will be counted toward the course grade. There will be 25-30 in-class events for the semester. These events are graded based on participation. Therefore, you must be in class in order to participate and you will not receive credit for class participation if you do not in participate. The 5 lowest scores for the in-class events will be dropped for each student when calculating the course grade at the end of the semester and will make-up 5% of the course grade. If you discover your clicker is not working, please inform me as soon as possible so we can work to correct the problem. Each student should have only one clicker in their possession during class. Anyone possessing another student’s clicker in class is violating the Code of Student Conduct. All those involved will be referred to the Office of Student Advocacy and Accountability for sanctions. ON-LINE QUIZZES VIA MOODLE:
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Biol_1001_Syllabus-003_and_007 - BIOLOGY 1001 General...

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