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Seaholm Bands 2010 - Seaholm Bands 2010-2011 Leadership...

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Seaholm Bands 2010-2011 Leadership Application 1. What leadership position are you interested in? Drum major? Section Leader? Both? Both 2. Why are you qualified to lead students? I believe I am qualified to lead students for several reasons just some of which being I have already done so successfully the previous year, have been recognized by a superior for exemplifying a higher standard of leadership and getting sent to a conference on leadership as a result, and being recognized by several adults as far more mature for my age then most useless teenagers are now a days. Not only have people in the community recognized me for my leadership, skills, but also for 4 hours 3 times a week I manage to get 25 people of varying ages, races, personalities, and intelligence levels to play stupid online characters against scripted fights to the best of their pathetic abilities’. You may think this sounds easy, but the idea of moving a virtual character out of fire on the ground will forever be the hardest thing for a human being to accomplish. On a different note I have also been playing my instrument for 8 years and consider myself extremely dedicated in search of the perfection of it, and considering all the extra time I spend in outside orchestras, recitals, lessons, and performances I feel I am very qualified to lead others down a path that has a similar objective. Perfection in the absolute purest form.
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What is your best quality? Why? I would definitely have to say my best quality is determination. I simply refuse to take no for an answer (does this border on obstinacy, perhaps, but that’s a risk that you need to be willing to take), and use it to get results. Allowing people to say they can not do something, that they aren’t capable of something before they give it their 100% honest effort is completely unacceptable, yet far to common amongst leaders today. 4. What is your worst quality? Why? Determination. No question, it is a two edged sword, the idea of driving so hard for what you wish to accomplish has the annoying habit of blinding you to the ideas (perhaps better) of others, something that some of the most famous leaders of all time will recognize as the reason for their downfall. The ability to be so focused on your path, determined to do it your way, has its time and place, however being so blind as to all that is going on around you is certainly a recipe for disaster. So while determination is a great trait to posses, being unable to back down is a dangerous side effect, however is only exhibited on rare occasion, making is still a bad quality, but a rather uncommon one. 5. Who else in your section (or the band program) would be a worth candidate for leadership? Why? This question deserves more then one response:
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Seaholm Bands 2010 - Seaholm Bands 2010-2011 Leadership...

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