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Personality Exploration Based off the choices for those placed under the category of Guardian, I feel I would best fall under the sub-category of the Protectors (ISFJ). I believe I fit this category because generally I am the one keeping my friends from getting into too much trouble or sticky situations. Specifically being when they decide to go out with the intent of making trouble, generally it is I keeping them from doing anything too stupid. I also fit this category because I am fiercely loyal to my obligations, being that if I make plans to do something or be somewhere I am there on time no matter what.
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Unformatted text preview: In addition, I absolutely detest speculation, as it never leads to anything but wasted time, money, or both. I much prefer to stick to things that I know work and have been working sense time itself. For instance, I still use the same carpet cleaner that my grandmother used when she was growing up, same old bottle, same old company, and same old results. Why fix something if its not broken, it really just doesn’t make much sense. I believe these qualities are very fitting of me and correctly place me under the sub-category of the Guardians, of being a Protector....
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