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Position Paper Number 2

Position Paper Number 2 - The article continues with her...

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Position Paper Number 2-“We are all getting Lucky” Written by: Grant Paranjape Mrs. Deboer 4 th hour October 13, 2009 This particular article focuses on office/workplace relationships and how they can be beneficial or detrimental to the success of the employer. The author also focuses on the specific case of David Letterman, who we all know as admitted to having sex with a female employees of his on the show. She also uses a new agreement drafted by consultants of Workforce Management to show how American companies have begun to realize what a huge problem relationships in the work force are and just how much they have cost them. She goes on to cite a survey that shows how while more companies clamp down trying to prevent workplace relationships, they have actually increased with
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more then 60% of employees admitting to having an office relationship.
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Unformatted text preview: The article continues with her citing Mark Penn from his new novel MicroTrends, in which he compares the office enviorment to that of a bar or club, with water being the subsitute for alcohol. His metaphor continues by citing how many more singles are entering the workforce and are working long hours, allowing for these types of relationships to blossom. The author then goes on to generalize the situation by talking about how Sexual-harassment claims have gone up in general and how many more working women are beginning to notice that men want to have office relationships, even if there is no harassment. The article concludes with the author discussing the general state of things and how it is often the women who loses when the office relationship gets found out...
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Position Paper Number 2 - The article continues with her...

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