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Position Paper - most Americans don’t want The author...

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Position Paper- An Expensive Health-Care Agenda This particular article was about how President Obama plans to deal with rising health-care costs in his new national health-care reform bill. It begins by discussing how Obama has really stuck to his guns about the problem that is rising health-care costs, and how he recogninzes it as a major factor in decreasing the wealth of everyone, even the government. The article continues by discussing the solid factual numbers of how much the new plan would increase coverage by and how much it would increase health-care costs by. It then talks about how Obama plans to cover them, and how the author believes health-care spending would overwhelm the new proposed taxes. The author then moves on to cite a study conducted by the Lewin Group, and discuss how the Lewis Group believes health-care reofmr must reduce the spending of the govermenet on health- care promises, as well as pay for itself. The article then talks about how being a Democrat makes this a rather large dilemma for Obama as he needs to achieve something close to universal healthcare, which would require more spending, which republicans and
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Unformatted text preview: most Americans don’t want. The author then cites another source, that being a survey from the Kaiser Family Foundation, on what the American people beoieved the new health-care reform needed to do more (Expand insurance or reduce cost). The article continues by summarizing the bill and what Obama plans to do about the massive deilma facing him, and the numbers regarding how much companies and lower income families would be paying to buy health-care. The author then speaks of what will be the major costs(Medicaid and federal-state insurance for the poor) and how that money will have to come from a new tax, something Obama stated many times wouldn’t be required. The article concludes with how the Lewin group believes there is nothing actually there to lower health-care costs for people under 65 and how the author believes that Obama has a tough road ahead to either make a proposal that will tame health-care costs, or appear like he has a proposal that will tame health-care costs....
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Position Paper - most Americans don’t want The author...

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