Defining That Which Can Not Be Defined

Defining That Which Can Not Be Defined - I am incapable of...

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I am incapable of being serious. No seriously, I really can’t do it. I cannot write for pages upon pages and maintain these English guidelines about not addressing the reader directly or always putting your thesis at the same spot in your introductory paragraph. So I decided, I’m not going to, and if you don’t like it you can go find some other preppy kid’s essay to read (Which he probably bought online anyway!!!). The topic I would like to write about, however, is very serious. It is this giant, gaping flaw we, as a race, have acquired through no fault of our own. This flaw is our ability to question. The least used gift by mankind is the ability to question. We are so content so content with being oblivious to the true meaning of things that we accept whatever it is we read or what people tell us without so much as a second thought. It is the things that we chose to be oblivious about that are of even greater concern. Such things like the definitions of such basic concepts as happiness, success, and of all things, love. Like seriously people, get your acts together, you think you can define these things with some six words in a dictionary or something. No, you and I both know that isn’t true, nor is it even remotely possible to grasp the meaning of happiness with the six words of, “Happiness-a state of well-being and contentment”( Marine Webster Online Dictionary). This doesn’t even come close to defining the meaning behind happiness, and yet people don’t’ care. They know getting paid makes them happy, getting a piece of chocolate, or getting that 100% on a test. Yet none of them care to know why it makes them happy or what exactly it means to be in a state of happiness. Well have no fear, for the next however many pages I chose to write, or however many pages you chose to read, I would like to introduce you to a new way of thinking about these definitions, a new way of attempting to define human ideals, called “Socratic Inquiry”. “Socratic Wisdom- [Is a means by which] You are better able to determine what you do know- what stands up to rigorous scrutiny- and what you do not know. You become aware of the existing limits of your knowledge, but in a way that inspires you to push those limits further and further outward.”(Socrates Café Pg. 206) This is the general basis behind the Socratic Method of inquiry. It is a method in which you must first accept that you know nothing regarding the topic you are exploring, and then use questioning of other’s beliefs and ideas to formulate your own idea on the subject. This method is incredibly useful for creating definitions of things that are not inherently concrete, or at least should not be. It is this method that I plan to use for this paper, I would like you to be constantly questioning the words on these pages, question what points I am attempting to get across, but most importantly question yourself about what you believe when it comes these human ideals, because you probably don’t know
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Defining That Which Can Not Be Defined - I am incapable of...

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