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13-09-10 - CIL for the past two years to help establish...

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Monday 13 September 1-2 pm Room 358 Physiology Lecture Theatre, Bldg 63 2010 Seminar Series School of Biomedical Sciences Staff and students are warmly invited to a presentation by Dr Carl N Stephan, Forensic Anthropologist and ORISE Research Participant Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command - Central Identification Laboratory (JPAC-CIL) Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii Resolving real life X-files using gross anatomy JPAC-CIL is responsible for the identification of fallen US soldiers from past conflicts and is currently recognised as the world's largest forensic anthropology laboratory. Dr Stephan has worked with JPAC-
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Unformatted text preview: CIL for the past two years to help establish methods that provide correct name matches to skeletons that could otherwise not be identified using dental records or DNA. This seminar will discuss a macroscopic anatomical method recently developed to help identify several hundred skeletons that were previously recovered from the Korean War and are now buried as Unknowns in the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, Hawaii....
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