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1 Skeletons Scaffolding for the body BIOL1040 August 2010 Readings Campbel (2006), pp. 1065-1067, 692; Prof. Mike Bennett m.bennett@uq.edu.au 417 Otto Hirschfeld (Building 81) pp. 496, 671-673, 675-676, 448-449 Campbel et al . (2008). pp. 676, 690-696, pp. 463-468, 532-533, 867-872, 1130-1132 Learning Objectives To appreciate the variety of skeletal ‘designs’ To understand basic roles skeletons play To appreciate the purposes and processes of growth and adaptation of skeletal structures To learn about the composition, structure and function of vertebrate bone To understand why and how bone is modelled and remodelled A skeleton is the framework of any structure and in biological organisms it does not always consist of bones What is a skeleton? Support, Protection, Movement Basic roles Types of skeletons • Hydroskeletons • Exoskeletons • Endoskeletons Key Concept: Different skeletons, different benefits Skeletal features are important for taxonomy For example: • Chitin exoskeletons are a feature of Arthropods (Taxon = phylum) A shell is a feature of Molluscs (Taxon = phylum) Vertebrates have back bones (Taxon = subphylum) Craniata have skulls (Taxon = clade of chordata [phylum level]) Gnathostomata have jaws (Taxon = infraphylum level) Tetrapods have four limbs (Taxon = superclass level) Hydroskeletons • Fluid held under pressure in a closed, semi-rigid, body compartment • Muscles anchor to compartment wall and change shape of the compartment E.g., earthworms have longitudinal and circular muscles surrounding their body segments
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2010_Skeletons_6B&W - What is a skeleton? A...

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