criminal justice research

criminal justice research - Every day we see the men and...

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Every day we see the men and women of our police departments risking their lives to protect us from violent or criminal acts. Whether the police officers are stopping vehicles for traffic law violation, or dealing with automobile accidents, to arresting criminals for violent or criminal acts that might be occurring. The police officers of our communities all joined the force for a reason, to protect and serve its communities to the best of their abilities. Have you ever wondered the process in which police officers go through before they become a police officer? What do police departments and police chiefs look for when hiring future cadets and assigning them to the police academy. How can you become a police officer and what requirements do you have to meet to even be considered? Having taken the written test and the physical test with the San Antonio Police Department I have somewhat of an idea of what it takes to become a police officer at the local level. However throughout this paper I will discuss the various levels in which an individual must complete in order to become a police officer. Of course every department has their different basic requirements whether it is at the local, state, or federal police departments. With the local police, having already applied with the San Antonio police department in the past I am pretty familiar with the department’s minimum requirements. Every individual that applies must be at least 20 and 6 months years old at the time of the written test because in the state of Texas you cannot carry a hand gun under the age of 21, also the maximum age of the individual cannot be over the age of 45 when entering the police academy, this is because of the intense physical training the police
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criminal justice research - Every day we see the men and...

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