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Unformatted text preview: BOOLEAN SEARCH TUTORIAL for TECHNICAL RECRUITERS by John Childs, Technical Recruiter This tutorial on Boolean search strategies is being offered for free to enable technical recruiters to more effec- tively mine the Monster and Headhunter resume databases. CAUTION: The concepts below also apply to other databases, but NOT all Boolean search engines were created equally. Some require that AND/OR be in all caps (Monster & Headhunter do not). Some dont even use and/or, but use +/- instead. I need to really stress this point, because in the past people have read this web site, plugged in some of my Boolean search strings verbatim, and then realized they got either garbled or no results when they tried to plug these strings into something besides Monster or Headhunter. The strings DO work, but they have to be modified to conform to the very specific search guidelines of the particular engine you are using. A good resource for sorting out the difference in Boolean search engines can be found at ONCE YOU HARNESS THE POWER OF BOOLEAN SEARCHES, YOULL FIND THAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DRILL DOWN THROUGH A RESUME DATA- BASE AND FIND THE RIGHT CANDIDATE WITH INCREDIBLE SPEED AND ACCURACY! As you go through the presentation below, please keep in mind that it was originally given to a group of technical recruiters as part of a lecture format, or in other words, when I gave this presentation, it was supplemented by my lecturing on each point as we went through it . So this is mor e detailed than a PowerPoint pr esentation, but much less detailed than a self-study text book. Hopefully you can glean some good points from it. I get a kick out of sharing the power of these searches with others. Coming up with the best Boolean equation is both a left and right-brained activity that to me is like solving a puzzle. If there is sufficient interest, perhaps in the future I could expand the below to be more of a self-study text book format. Lastly, if you have Boolean search strategies that have worked for you, please email and share them. Also as my personal time permits, if you are having difficulty with a search, please send me an email with a job description, and Ill send you back a Boolean search equation to try! All material contained herein is COPYWRITED 2001, ALL RIGHTS RESER VED and may not be repro- duced for any commercial or for-profit venture or endeavor. Sharing with friends and fellow-recruiters for free is permitted. I. THE ROLE OF PARENTHESES IN BOOLEAN SEARCHES AM I SUPPOSED TO GIVE YOU 5 MILLION DOLLARS OR 6 MILLION DOL- LARS?? Youve heard it said when looking at your paycheck, or looking at buying that new boat, Its just a matter of zeros. Well sometimes it is just a matter of parentheses....
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