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Unformatted text preview: 2007-2009UH CatalogTransfer 4/23/08 AP/DWUniversity of HoustonTexas Common Course Numbering SystemTransfer Course EquivalenciesTCCNS CORE REQUIREMENTS UHCommunication (6 hours)ENGL 1301 English Composition I1303ENGL 1302 English Composition II1304Math/Reasoning (6 hours)Natural Sciences (6 hours)Visual/Performing Arts (3 hours)Humanities (3 hours)Social/Behavioral Sciences (3 hours)U.S. History (6 hours) HIST 1301U.S. History to 18771377HIST 1302U.S. History after 18771378American Government (6 hours)GOVT 2301 American Government I1336GOVT 2302 American Government II1337Writing in the Disciplines (3 hours)Must be taken at the University of Houston**This requirement will be waived if student transfers to UH Core CompleteMAJOR REQUIREMENTS UHA maximum of 66 hours (grades C- or better) of 1000/2000 level transfer hours may be applied toward a UH degree....
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