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Printing provided by the Department of Petroleum Engineering, Texas A&M U, College Station, TX 77843-3116. Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section Thinking about Becoming a Petroleum Engineer? Here’s What You Might Want To Know About Petroleum Engineering Schools Students of petroleum engineering in American universities can expect to be part of a small but elite group on their campuses. Job placement over the past 5 to 10 years has been near 100% in all of these programs, and 2000 salaries for the BS degree averaged about $56,000 per year. Most programs offer excellent scholarship opportunities and encourage summer internships. Summer employment in the industry ranges from $2,000 to $4,000 per month. Petroleum engineering majors also carry some of the highest average SAT scores on their campuses, and successful students have interests in mathematics, geosciences, and computer technology. They are creative and active individuals in an exciting, growing industry Student Chapters of SPE The single outstanding factor about being in a university petroleum engineering program is that you are somebody there. Twelve schools of petroleum engineering responded to a recent survey, and the singular point made by every one of them was that the students get to know each other and enjoy each other. The U. of Oklahoma put it best: “Students have an enormous amount of support for each other.” Like students in most of thee programs, “what they like best is the cohesiveness, diversity, and wide range of activities they find in their student chapter of SPE.” At Montana Tech, the students take their student chapter seriously. With 162 undergraduates, they are the second largest petroleum engineering school in the nation, and their student chapter has 100 members—but they’re not all petroleum engineering students. In fact, that chapter is the largest student organization of any kind on their campus, and its members have won the SPE Outstanding Student Chapter Award six times in the last nine years—most recently in 1999. Most of these student chapters meet at least once a month for a technical presentation from an industry representative. (At Texas Tech, the speaker’s company usually provides food
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EngInfo - Gulf Coast Section Society of Petroleum Engineers...

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