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Syllabus Biol 1406 Crn#53177 - HOUSTON COMMUNITY...

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1 HOUSTON COMMUNITY COLLEGE-SOUTHWEST COLLEGE SYLLABUS FOR GENERAL BIOLOGY I – Fall 2011 INSTRUCTOR : DR. OMANA P. MATHEW Course Title : Biol.1406 General Biology I CRN : 53177, Credit Hours : 4 Class Time : Friday 5:00pm – 8:00pm, Scarcella Science & Technology, Rm S102 Saturday 8:00am – 11:00am, Scarcella Science & Technology, Rm W125 Text Book : Campbell Biology, 9 th Edition by Jane B. Reece et al. HCC custom edition Laboratory Manual : Biology 1406, Laboratory manual. HCCS- Southwest, Dept. of Life Sciences. Course Description: Discussions focus on biological chemistry, biological processes, cellular morphology, metabolism, genetics and molecular biology. Course Prerequisite: One year of high school biology/high school chemistry recommended COURSE GOAL: This course is intended for students majoring in life sciences, and for students who are pursuing pre-professional programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, or other health programs. The course is also beneficial to students who are preparing themselves for higher-level science courses in their respective curricula COURSE OBJECTIVES 1. To establish an understanding of the major historical events in biology and their impact on science. 2. To describe basic cell structure, biochemistry, metabolism, nutrition, reproduction, and genetics. 3. To demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of cellular inheritance. 4. To demonstrate knowledge of the basic principles of molecular genetic technology. 5. To demonstrate skill in basic laboratory methodology, such as microscopy, and the careful analysis of laboratory data and results. "The following Student Learning Outcomes with their associated assessment criteria are not meant to be all inclusive, and are meant to be used along with all other course learning outcomes and assessment devices, listed under Course Objectives, in the determination of the student's final course grade. Completion of the specific Student Learning Outcomes listed below, at any assessment grading level, does NOT and will NOT guarantee the student that final course grade at the end of the semester!" PROGRAM LEVEL STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES: Program SLO #1 To recognize, identify, and describe the basic structures and functions associated with most life forms.
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2 Program SLO #2 To develop basic laboratory techniques appropriate to the field of Biology. Program SLO #3 To develop study skills and habits appropriate for pre-professional students interested in health-related fields. STUDENT LEARNING OUTCOMES FOR 1406: SLO1: The student will be able to recognize the basic structure and describe the function of eukaryotic cellular organelles and cell systems. SLO2: Given a DNA or RNA base sequence, the student will be able to deduce:
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Syllabus Biol 1406 Crn#53177 - HOUSTON COMMUNITY...

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