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Assignment 1 (1206A1w2008) - MGSC 1206.2 Assignment#1...

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MGSC 1206.2 Assignment #1 Winter 2008 Due: 1 pm, Friday, January 18 th Where: In the appropriate collection box on the 2nd floor of the Loyola Building Note : Show your work, use proper probability notation, and answer word problems with sentences. Hand in your answers to the following textbook questions: 7.3 #22, 24, 44 7.4 #54, 64, 72 7.5 #2, 10, 26, 36, 38 and your answers to the three problems below. 1. Florex Inc., like any corporation, must be careful to avoid discriminatory hiring practices. One aspect of this is to monitor the breakdown of applicants and new hires with respect to gender. The following table gives some data on the company’s record. Gender Male Female Total Hired 40 80 120 Not Hired 360 520 880 Total Applicants 400 600 1,000 a) What proportion of applicants was hired? b) What proportion of those hired was male? c) What proportion of female applicants was hired? d) Is there evidence the chance of being hired is different for males and females? Explain.
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