Assignment 2 (1206A2w2008)

Assignment 2 (1206A2w2008) - MGSC 1206.2 Assignment #2...

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Unformatted text preview: MGSC 1206.2 Assignment #2 Winter 2008 Due: 1 pm, Friday, January 25 th Where: In the appropriate collection box on the 2nd floor of the Loyola Building Note : Show your work, use proper probability notation, and answer word problems with sentences. Hand in your answers to the following textbook questions: 7.6 #16, 20 8.1 #34 8.2 #30 8.3 #30, 32 and your answers to the four problems below. 1. Refer back to problem #3 on Assignment #1, and answer the following additional questions: a) The operator of the packaging line feels that the inspector is useless since too many of the rejected packages really contained sufficient screws. What is the probability that a rejected package contained the correct number of screws? b) Suppose that a package was rejected and then repackaged. What is the probability that the inspector will reject it again? Be careful. 2. Suppose that in a Nova Scotia election, 44% of voters chose the Conservatives, 36% chose the NDP and 20% chose the Liberals. Based on previous surveys, it is known that of Liberal voters, 45% have and 20% chose the Liberals....
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