Assignment 3 (1206A3w2008)

Assignment 3 (1206A3w2008) - MGSC 1206.2 Assignment #3...

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MGSC 1206.2 Assignment #3 Winter 2008 Due: 1 pm, Friday, February 1 st Where: In the appropriate collection box on the 2nd floor of the Loyola Building Note : Show your work, use proper probability notation, and answer word problems with sentences. Hand in your answers to the following textbook questions: 8.4 #34, 36 8.5 #30, 42 and your answers to the four problems below. 1. 3 out of the 10 computers recently purchased by our company from Bob's Computer Emporium have been found to be defective in some respects. Our company has informed Bob that we will no longer purchase from them because of the poor quality of merchandise. Bob responded that the problems were a fluke (highly unlikely) – their sophisticated equipment can be subject to failure, but on average, no more than 10% of Bob’s equipment has defects. a) Show your verification that this is a binomial problem. b) If Bob is correct and only 10% of its equipment has defects, what is the chance of getting exactly 3 of 10 computers with defects? c)
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Assignment 3 (1206A3w2008) - MGSC 1206.2 Assignment #3...

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