Assignment 5 (1206A5w2008)

Assignment 5 (1206A5w2008) - MGSC 1206.2 Assignment #5...

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MGSC 1206.2 Assignment #5 Winter 2008 Due: 1 pm, Friday, March 7 th -- NOTE: ONLY DO QUESTIONS #1 TO #7 AND #9 Note: Points will be deducted if you do not (a) show your work including suitable calculations, (b) use proper notation, and (c) answer word problems with words. Hand in your answers to the following questions: 1. Textbook 11.3 #6 (p.631) 2. Textbook 11.4 #12 (p.650) 3. Textbook 12.1 #8 (p.681) 4. Textbook 12.2 #8 (p.692) 5. Gardeners Warehouse anticipates selling 7000 bedding plants per week in May and June at $0.99 each. It has been suggested that if they cut their price to $0.89 each, they would be able to increase their sales to 9,000 plants per week. a) Assuming a linear demand relationship between quantity and price, construct a function that will tell Gardeners Warehouse the price that must be set for a given target sales level. b) What is their revenue as a function of quantity sold? c) Growing plants involves a fixed cost of $500 and $0.10 per plant, so the cost of growing x plants is C( x ) = 500 + 0.1 x. What is the company’s profit function in terms of the quantity grown and sold? d) Draw the revenue, cost and profit functions on a single graph. (You do not have to draw the functions perfectly but you should determine enough points on each one to get the shape and
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Assignment 5 (1206A5w2008) - MGSC 1206.2 Assignment #5...

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