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Philosophy paper 1 - (My intro and thesis are still not...

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(My intro and thesis are still not complete)To be wise is to understand the truth and knowledge within our universe, and not falling victim to the myths and illusions we are surrounding us. In the story of Euthyphro, the definition of piety is questioned. Euthyphro gives Socrates a variety of answers that are incorrect. One of those answers is, that the definition of piety is that something deemed good by the gods is pious. Socrates shatters Euthyphros definition by stating, “what is loved by the gods is also hated by them.” Socrates was able to prove that Euthyphro’s answer was worthless because the gods are not a reliable source. Socrates wants us to take from this that we cannot trust mythology because myths only provide us with examples, not explanations, reasons, or definitions. Towards the end of the story, Euthyphro simply ignores the wisdom that Socrates tries to give him and leaves. It’s safe to assume that Euthyphro will never find out what defines piety because he chooses to accept myth. Unlike Euthyphro, we should accept the fact that we do not know the definition of piety. That way we allow ourselves to hunger and seek the real form and meaning of piety through our knowledge and reason. The myth of “Appearing” is examined in the Apology when Socrates refers to the story of the oracle. Socrates embarks on a journey to prove the oracle wrong; that he is not the wisest of men. To disprove the oracle Socrates questions a variety of people; the politician, the poets, and the craftsmen. The politician is the first to be questioned because of his rank in society. After
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Philosophy paper 1 - (My intro and thesis are still not...

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