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Patrick Williams LSP 112 “No Need of Theology…Only of Reason…” Baron D’Holbach To learn the true principles of morality, men have no need of theology, of revelation, or gods: They have need only of reason. They have only to enter into themselves, to reflect upon their own nature, consult their sensible interests, consider the object of society, and of the individuals, who compose it; and they will easily perceive, the virtue is the interest, and vice is the unhappiness of beings of their kind. Let us persuade men to be just, beneficent, moderate, sociable; not because the gods demand it, but because they must please men. Let us advise them to abstain from vice and crimes; not because they will be punished in the other world, but because they will suffer for it in this. (D’Holbach 144) The excerpt above is taken from D’Holbach’s Natural Ideas opposed to Supernatural . His work attempts to explain why reason is the only tool necessary to define morality, and that all forms of religion are nothing more than a false science. D’Holbach strongly denounces theology and advocates reason in his piece. His message is very clear: mankind has no need for theology, only of reason. D’Holbach thinks of theology as a custom preserved only because it has been valued in societies throughout the ages. Theology is a chimerical system used to explain natural phenomena. The very foundation of religious belief is based on the idea that humanity cannot fathom the reasoning of God; therefore we are not to question the validity of these dogmas. However, using human reason, it is glaringly obvious that the bases of theology are built upon unstable grounds. D’Holbach’s believes that reason is the same as common sense. He defines common
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No need of theology - Patrick Williams LSP 112 No Need of...

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