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Patrick Williams SOC 101 - Dr. Kate Webster 1/19/2011 MLA Style How would functionalists and conflict theorists differ in their analysis of socialization by the mass media? Socialization occurs through may different agents. The most prominent of these agents are family, peer organizations, the workplace, religion, state, and mass media. The most rapidly developing and growing agent of these is mass media. The technological age we live in is reshaping the landscape of social interaction. The outlets of mass media include television programs, commercials, the internet, and social networking sites. These outlets have a greater impact on today’s youth and young people rather than older generations, but still affect all who interact with them. The effects can be seen as positive or negative depending on the perspective of the person analyzing these effects. This essay will seek to view these effects through the eyes of both functionalists and conflict theorists. Based on a survey of young people from 2003-2004, the most commonly used media outlet used daily is the television. It is also reported that 68% percent of children in the United States have a television in their bedrooms (Schaefer 86). It is obvious that television has become a static fixture in the way young people receive information and perceive the world. This raises concerns about what information is being fed through
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television and how it affects the socialization of young people. Television shows will introduce its viewers to common themes that are generally accepted in society. These themes are accepted because they are seen as norms, traditions, and customs in society. Young viewers grow accustomed to these norms and incorporate them into their own
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mass media - Patrick Williams SOC 101 - Dr. Kate Webster...

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