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Williams 1 Patrick Williams WRD 104: Professor Puccinelli Reflective Essay The process of composing a research paper is very similar to the process of body building. The ultimate goal of a research paper is to have a complete, solid body of work. Similarly, the goal of body building is to have a well-rounded, healthy physique. Neither of these goals can be achieved easily, though. Both require a large amount of dedication, focus, and will power. The paper writing process is a large series of small steps that eventually results in a thorough understanding of the subject, and a paper in which the writer can take pride. These small steps include searching a wide array of topics, thesis refinement, extensive research, and revision of previous work. Body building, or even simply exercising in the right manner, works in the same way. One cannot simply lift weights without any knowledge of what they are trying to accomplish. They must take small steps towards the ultimate goal of getting fit. These steps can include routine building, changing of diet, and nutrition. The parallel of the both tasks final goal is an easy one to make; at the end of the writing process the writer hopes to have a strong, well-functioning argument just as the body builder hopes to have a strong, well-defined body. The first step in the process of building a strong body is choosing a gym and acquiring a gym membership. This shows that one wants and plans to get their body in to better shape. The gym membership of this class was the research proposal. With the proposals, we surveyed topics that appealed to us. This is like finding what gym suits our needs. My original proposals were about the topics of medicinal marijuana legalization and the sexist portrayal of women in the media. While I could have exercised, or written, at either of these gyms, I found myself more
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interested in the dojo of medicinal marijuana legalization. In choosing this topic, I had signed up
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reflective essay - Williams 1 Patrick Williams WRD 104:...

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