A10soc - overwhelmed with pride because of how terrific and...

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Sarah Croog 24939025 A10 Institutionalization is the process by which a spontaneous act becomes routine. This original act typically undergoes a transformation during in the routinization process. Institutionalization elaborates on the original, spontaneous act, and often networks and outside interests are created around the act, making it “institutionalized”. Institutionalization can occur on an economic or cultural scale, but also on a smaller scale. For example, the band that I formed with a couple of my friends, which was essentially a result of a boring Sunday afternoon, quickly became an institutionalized practice. Last year, on an incredibly dreary Sunday afternoon, a group of three of my friends started improvising on our guitars and piano and fiddling with the “rock band” application on my Mac computer. My mother overheard our jam session and was
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Unformatted text preview: overwhelmed with pride because of how terrific and professional we sounded. She proceeded to sign us up to perform in a best new artist contest at our local coffee shop. A few days later, I told her that my friends and I were just having fun and we didnt intend on becoming famous. My mother ultimately coerced us- she pulled out flyers for the performance and band t-shirts she had made; t-shirts sponsored by one of our towns local businesses. My mother had turned what should have been a one-time musical gathering into an institutionalized commitment. By getting us a sponsor, she was creating a network of interests for our band, and even by calling it a band, she made our group an explicit practice. Our band practiced and got new outfits for the performance, thus repeating and elaborating on our original practice....
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A10soc - overwhelmed with pride because of how terrific and...

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