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Sarah Croog 24939025 A8 Abassi In the case of interaction, in which forces come together and as a result, change, internal modifications occur. Though interaction is certainly not limited to conversation, conversation is a common form of interaction. Certain intentions in conversation may or may not be understood by the other party, and thus the meaning of the conversation can never be decided in advance. It is crucial that both parties participate in the conversation, or else it does not qualify as interaction. As I look back at past conversations I’ve had, I recall the various conversations I’ve had with my friends about boys- the overanalysis and relentless harping on the meaning of what the “boy of the moment” said. As I told my best friend about my earlier conversation with a boy I liked, she proclaims, “ok, he definitely likes you- if he calls you, he likes you.” However, our interaction did not stop there. We analyzed not just the
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Unformatted text preview: fact that he was calling me, but why he was calling me. We discussed his calling me for help on homework, and the curtness of his calls. At the beginning of the conversation, I was happy, because what I intended the conversation’s outcome to be (to reveal that he liked me), was successful. However, by the end of the conversation, “he likes you” had taken on a new meaning. He “liked me”… as a friend. The interaction with my friend, reflecting on my and her responses, revealed a different outcome and changed both of us. The process of interaction slowly changes the participants- it happens throughout the interaction, not at one point. Our reflections, and the change of the meaning of the conversation illustrates that the preceding example is an example of interaction....
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