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Sarah Croog 24939025 D2 Abassi Differences in taste create distinctions in social class. Most often, these variations in taste are visible and are linked to variations in culture. For example, the variations in women’s handbags is an indication of cultural and class distinctions. Handbags that are made by eminent designers and found in only select stores are bought by the affluent as a sign of wealth and “high class”. These purchases are made self-consciously. After the purchase is made, the woman may flaunt her new Marc Jacobs as an indication of her glitzy lifestyle- one of glamour, fancy cars, lavish parties. Other class distinctions are revealed within another group of women who buy imitation designer handbags, such as fake Louis Vuittons. These women may represent a lower class because the producer of the merchandise is not as prestigious, and there is a greater amount of the bags in stores for the women to buy. Other various cultural groups can be
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Unformatted text preview: distinguished by the style of handbags that they sport, such as less wealthy urban women, who may buy handbags that are lower end, but are often more creative and flashy in design, perhaps to project an image of creativity and individuality to others since they dont have the means to buy nicer things. It is crucial to note, that comfort and functionality has little pertinence in a womans handbag choice- this choice is overwhelmingly dictated by style. These trends result in inequality, because though a womans handbag may or may not be an indication of her wealth, class distinction may or may not be correct when one compares a womans handbag to her income and lifestyle. Handbag choice, however, is not the only indicator. It is linked with clothing choice, shoe choice, jewelry choice, etc. A womans wardrobe is purposefully and solely chosen to flaunt her wealth, and thus, to let others know in what class or cultural clique she resides....
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