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3 - explaining changes in family meal-decline of family...

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Soclecture production of culture 12/3/09 Where does culture come from? -spirit of the times coherent, “totally way of life of a people” BUT Leads to overgeneralization- (ex all men with long hair in 60s are rebellious) Culture Industry -Post World War II- mass production of culture for a mass audience -driven by business interests rather than aesthetic standards—creates debased and homogenized culture—ie music is now Britney, not Bach- widespread -creates a passive audience -Virtue: specifies process BUT it ignores frequent failures, but at same time, some good -Folk culture persists -Significant variations within commercial organizations Production of Culture -Produced in commercial and non-commercial settings in various ways significant for it’s culture Making dysfunctional people a functional family -the family meal woman’s labor
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Unformatted text preview: explaining changes in family meal-decline of family values-change in composition of workforce television-Trends in tv programming-General change in sensibilities-Response to uncertainty and difficulty of predicting (isomorphism) TV- changes in content---more networks on tv-rise of cable TV is an open text- can allow for multiple readings/interpretations-ex Three’s Company going from 3 networks to multiple channels- specialized audiences --networks do not have to appease all types of people-many of same companies, driven by commercial concerns-“Golden Age of television”-1955 rise of rock- moment of musical creativity-rise of TV and transformation of radio-increase in independent stations (like cable)-creativity in radio- DJ not announcer------vinyl record and ease of shipping-decentralization of production...
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