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Sarah Croog 24939025 In the realm of theatrical productions, it is inevitable that two directors encounter the same issues, regardless of how overwhelming different their approaches or visions may be. Throughout my high school years, I was active in the theater department. I worked with my acting teacher/director in class and in numerous productions. My senior year, however, I was given the opportunity to direct my peers in a production of “ Play It Again, Sam ”. The approach and intentions my former director had, and those that I as a director, had, were different, yet our outcomes within our separate productions were overwhelmingly similar. In a dramatic production in which I appeared, my director decided to use the Meisner method for emotional availability, in which we would do improvisational exercises directly related to organic and present emotion. When I directed my production, I used the Stanislavski method, in which one recalls emotions from one’s past to add depth to the character. Both methods, however, achieved the same outcome- actors who
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