Polysci1 - Transaction and Conformity Costs Collective...

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1 Individuals and Institutions: The Challenges of Collective Action POLS 1301 Texas Tech University Preferences and Politics ± What are preferences ? Wh i A i liti k d b ± Why is American politics marked by conflict? ± Explain the importance of politics for resolving conflict. ± The status quo vs. ? ± Bargaining and compromise. Constitutions and Government ± Institutions are endogenous and not politically neutral. ± What are the two key aspects of constitutions? ± Why and how do institutions change?
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2 Coordination ± What is collective action ? Wh d bl f di ti i t ± Why do problems of coordination exist? ± The size principle. ± How do you solve coordination problems? Achieving Cooperation ± What is the prisoner’s dilemma and how does it affect American politics? ± How are free rider problem and the tragedy of the commons related to the prisoner’s dilemma? ± Can institutions solve these problems?
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Unformatted text preview: Transaction and Conformity Costs Collective action imposes costs on participants. What are transaction costs ? Example? What are conformity costs ? Example? 3 Principles of Institutional Design What mechanisms influence the choices of others? What role does majority rule play in institutional design? Delegation and the concerns of agency loss ? Representative Government Competing forms of representative government. Explain the difference between a republic and a democracy. Why do politicians behave as they do? The Activities of Government Explain the difference between private goods and collective goods ? What are negative externalities and how are they the business of government? What advantages does the government possess?...
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Polysci1 - Transaction and Conformity Costs Collective...

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