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Polysci1 - Transaction and Conformity Costs ± Collective...

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1 Individuals and Institutions: The Challenges of Collective Action POLS 1301 Texas Tech University Preferences and Politics What are preferences ? Wh i A i liti k d b Why is American politics marked by conflict? Explain the importance of politics for resolving conflict. The status quo vs. ? Bargaining and compromise. Constitutions and Government Institutions are endogenous and not politically neutral. What are the two key aspects of constitutions? Why and how do institutions change?
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2 Coordination What is collective action ? Wh d bl f di ti i t? Why do problems of coordination exist? The size principle. How do you solve coordination problems? Achieving Cooperation What is the prisoner’s dilemma and how does it affect American politics? How are free rider problem and the tragedy of the commons related to the prisoner’s dilemma? Can institutions solve these problems?
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Unformatted text preview: Transaction and Conformity Costs ± Collective action imposes costs on participants. ± What are transaction costs ? ± Example? ± What are conformity costs ? ± Example? 3 Principles of Institutional Design ± What mechanisms influence the choices of others? ± What role does majority rule play in institutional design? ± Delegation and the concerns of agency loss ? Representative Government ± Competing forms of representative government. ± Explain the difference between a republic and a democracy. ± Why do politicians behave as they do? The Activities of Government ± Explain the difference between private goods and collective goods ? ± What are negative externalities and how are they the business of government? ± What advantages does the government possess?...
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