Polysci4 - “gender gap” ± Raw material for...

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1 Public Opinion and American Politics Defining Public Opinion ± What is a good working definition of public opinion and why does it matter? ± What role does the Constitution play in protecting public opinion? ± Prominent examples of the effects of public opinion. Origins of Public Opinion ± How are attitudes the building blocks of public opinion? ± What are the two main political ideologies in the United States? ± Explain the importance of partisanship in public opinion .
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2 Acquiring and Shaping Opinions ± What is political socialization ? Hi t i hl th l k f ± Heuristics help overcome the lack of knowledge. ± News stories and advertisements play a critical role in framing political attitudes . Background and Public Opinion ± What effect does race have on public opinion? ±
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Unformatted text preview: “gender gap”. ± Raw material for coalition-building through wedge issues. Measuring Public Opinion ± The sample (N) is critical in evaluating public opinion polls. ± What should I know about polls? ± Margin of error (+/-) ± Question wording ± What challenges exist for polling in the 21 st century? 3 Aggregate Public Opinion ± The relative stability of public opinion. ± What about changes in public opinion? ± General changes . ± Expected changes . ± The role of opinion leaders and i ssue publics . Content of Public Opinion ± Does the nation agree on anything or are there two Americas ? ± Why is the public cynical about government ? ± Examining public attitudes on some key issues ....
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Polysci4 - “gender gap” ± Raw material for...

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